Friday, January 21, 2011

Skinny Jeans

They've been around for awhile... but the idea of a pulling on a really tight pair of jeans was less than appealing.  However, I've definitely jumped on the 'skinny jean' bandwagon. The shopper in me is happy to say that I now own more a few pairs, including my newest purchase: ''jeggings'' - a hyrbid of jeans + leggings.  JEAN-IUS!
(haha, get it...''genius''... my attempt at Friday afternoon humor)

I'm struggling a bit with my weight and self-image these days.  I've never been one to primp and preen too much, I  like to look nice but I don't want to appear vain.  Thankfully I was blessed with very straight hair, so all I need to do is jump out of the shower, give it a quick blow-dry (with or without a brush) and off I go!  Makeup is usually pretty minimal - foundation, powder, blush and mascara.  The most important part of my beauty regime (if you can call it that) is a good outfit.  For me, a good outfit is something fun, something I'm not constantly tugging at (or pulling up), something that will garner at least 1 ''Hey, nice shirt/skirt/outfit!'' or a ''Cute boots/necklace/earrings!''

So, back to the jeggings.  I love them. Adore them. They are the comfiest thing I own (aside from pajamas, which I REFUSE to wear in public).  They're basically a very stretchy skinny jean. The pair I bought are from American Eagle. They have a zipper and button - unlike some of the more literal pairs I've seen that are more like a pair of leggings disguised as denim.  Today, I put them on, paired them with a cute new polka-dot cami, black sweater and boots... and off I went.

I don't think I've heard ''Nice outfit!" today... but I don't care. I feel GOOD.  I feel like I've maybe even been strutting a little.  Even though I'm heavier than I'd like to be (I'm sure I have a hint of muffin top going on),  I feel like a woman, and I feel kinda sexy in these jeans. 

Don't we all deserve a pair of PANTS that make us feel good about ourselves?  I'm a mom of 2, I wear jeggings, and I like it.
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  1. you're friday 'humour' was pretty lame Lena! and I'm sure you giggled at yourself writting it... didn't you?

  2. haha... I did! I thought it was pretty clever! ;)

  3. I totally envy you!! I've been trying to muster up the courage to even go into a store and try on a pair, but Im too chicken!! I bet you looked great!! xo

  4. I'm just catching up on posts now. I loveeeeeee skinny jeans and while I only have 1 pair and 1 pair of leggings, they are by far the most comfortable pants that I own. Will definitely be checking out the jeggings.

    Loved the Friday humour. Jean-ius it was. :)

  5. Thanks Ashley for appreciating my humor! ;)


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