Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fever

... baby fever that is!

I'm 99% sure that we're done having kids... But I'm in that 1% zone right now.  Lots of baby talk lately, and my brother-in-law's sister just had another boy last night, so it seems to be all around me!

The rational part of me is chanting ''we can't afford another baby'' ''where would we put another baby'' ''my sanity couldn't handle another baby''... but the feverish part of me is thinking about all the more cuddles I could be getting, all the cute baby laundry I could be doing, and a year off work for maternity leave wouldn't be too bad either!  Not to mention the fact that I've always loved the idea of a big family. 3 was always my ''number.'' I thought I would have one at 25, 27 & 29. That was the plan. Well, I started off on the right track.  I had Memphis a month before turning 26 and Ruby a month after I turned 28.  I'm 31 now... if we were crazy enough to try again I would be 32 (if I got pregnant right away) by the time the new baby arrived.

Take a deep breath.
I need to close my eyes and remember a few of the reasons I'm 99% sure we're done:
1) I truly feel like our family is complete
2) We were blessed with 2 healthy pregnancies and babies
3) I like sleeping through the night
4) Alot less poop to worry about
5) It's getting alot easier to get up and go somewhere
6) The kids are starting to be able to play so well together
7) Skinny jeans  ;)
8) Memphis is starting school in the Fall - I want that time to be all about HIM
9) I probably couldn't convince the hubby to go for it anyway... haha
10) I can get my baby fix through friends and family

Okay, I think I'm okay now.  I was just having a 'moment.'
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  1. No worries Lena - i have the feeling too except we aren't finished, it's just not happening as quick as it did with Maddy....she will be 4 and I feel like having one now is starting all's been 2 years and nothing....

  2. Sorry Stacy... I didn't realize you guys have been trying for so long. That sucks.
    Have you seen a doc? At least when it happens Maddy will be old enough to really help out, and she'll have great memories of her baby brother(s)and/or sister(s)! ;)
    I was older when my sister was born and I loved it! The age difference now isn't even an issue!

  3. Awww, but your children are adorable, imagine one more! :) The cuddles are the best part and can make up for the sleepless, poop-filled nights.

  4. Thanks Lena - yes we are getting pretty frustrated...but we are getting the ovulation strips for this next phase...hopefully I will be shouting all across Facebook that Maddy is going to be a Big Sister...I bought a shirt for her a year ago when we thought we were...i guess it's going to be too small now!!I agree - Maddy is going to be a little mother hen, all my friends have babies and Maddy is GREAT with them all!!

  5. totally concur with Ashley's comment ;)


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