Thursday, December 9, 2010


At this point, early morning, 3 years ago I was having contractions.  Nothing major and absolutely not consistent.  Was awake but trying to rest since I was being induced at 9pm (7 days overdue at this point).  Was having a pretty uneventful day... contractions would pick up, thought I was going into labor... then they'd stop.  Memphis was at my parents place, so JC & I were really just trying to rest so we'd be prepare for the long night ahead of us.  

Ruby had plans of her own... by 4pm I had called the doc and he told me to come ahead in.  After showering and shaving my legs, we got to the  hospital around 5pm.  A bit of laughing gas, and about 4 hours later...
... this beautiful little girl was born and changed our lives forever.

Happy Birthday, Princess!  We love you!
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