Sunday, December 12, 2010

24 & 51

...on my 101 List can be checked off!

#24 - Bring Ruby to the movies for the first time

Yesterday, Ruby attended her first real movie and she loved it!  We went to see Tangled at the old Renfrew O'Brien Theatre and it was a total hit!  My mom came with us and we all really enjoyed it!   Such an incredible film, probably one my favorite Disney ones so far (but I think I say that every time).  There were a few foul characters, one of which was Mother Gothel who Ruby did NOT like at all... especially near the end when she gets particularly nasty.

Waiting for the movie to start, she was so excited!

She couldn't believe how big the screen was!

Memphis & Me

Outside next to the official poster
#51 - At Christmas, donate a toy to a child on the local "Angel Tree"

This was another fun one to complete.  It's the first year I've done it, but would to keep the tradition going with the kids every year.  Ruby chose a little 2 year old girl, and Memphis chose a 4 year old boy.  While we were in Renfrew, I let the kids pick out each their own gift with a max price of $20 (I wish I could afford more, the thought of some little kids not getting the Christmas they deserve just breaks my heart). 

Ruby picked out an adorable tea set and Memphis got some sort of Hot Wheels kit he said the little boy would love!

Memphis, shopping

Ruby, shopping

What they picked out!
All in all, in a was a pretty perfect day.  And I was able to scratch 2 more items off my list (I'm 7% done)... Yay me!
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  1. I think the kids did a great job picking out their Angel gifts!
    Way to go Ruby and Memphis!

  2. cute! I'm glad Ruby had a fantastic time at the movies!

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