Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Recap

So, here we are.  The weekend is over. Again. How does it always go so fast?
I'd like to say I'm exhausted because it was such a busy weekend, but for once, it wasn't.  I think the time change is STILL screwing with me, what's with that?

Friday was birthday.  I turned 31, and I'm still not sure how I feel about that.  It just seems like the years are flying by way too quickly, especially since having my kids.  I had nothing major planned, which was fine.  JC came home from work and made me a yummy dinner, the kids behaved like angels and I just relaxed most of the evening.  Because of the wedding expenses, Memphis' birthday that just passed, Ruby's upcoming birthday and Christmas right around the corner, I didn't expect any gifts.  I did, however, order this for myself from American Eagle:

           Cute, right?

Saturday morning, my mother-in-law took the kids for an "overnighter."  It never happens that both kids are gone at the same time, for such a long time.  I wasn't sure what I would do with my 'free time' once JC went to work.  Just after the kids got picked up, my sister dropped off her daughter so I could watch her while she got her nails done.  She's a hoot... 


We made plans to meet up at her place after JC left for work.  We made a quick trip to Renfrew, where I spent a gift certificate I got from my mom for my birthday and then we headed back to her place.  We watched Piranha.  It was horribly, grotesquely, hilariously awesome!  Not for the faint of heart, but a great movie if you're into "that sort of thing." 

Prehistoric Piranha

After the movie, I came home and debated between doing the dishes, laundry or just parking my butt in front of the couch for the night.  There wasn't a whole lot on, so I actually caught up on the last few episodes of Weeds online, finale is this week, then went upstairs to watch Valentine's Day at 9pm.  Weeds was (is!) awesome, I wasn't sure what to expect of V Day, but it was okay. Pretty predictable, but cute.  

And then finally, today, Sunday.  The kids were away, but JC and I still had a hard time sleeping in.  I was almost about to tackle the laundry when my sister called and invited me along on a shopping trip with her & my mom.  We hit the big toy sale again at Lansdowne.  It was the last day, so not much left, but I did pick up a few more stocking stuffers.  Then we headed over to Toys R Us and I got a few more Christmas gifts for the kids.  I am officially about 90% DONE!  Woohoo!  Yay me! 

By the time I got home it was after lunch and the kids were about to arrive back.  I finally got my laundry started, dishes done and threw a lasagna in the oven for supper.  It's almost 7pm now, the kids have been bathed, most of the laundry has been folded (not put away - yet!), and I've found a few spare minutes to jot this all down.  Pretty soon, they will be asleep (I hope!) and I'll be curled up on the couch with the ladies from Wysteria Lane, and a cool blood splatter analyst named Dexter

Sweet dreams!  Hope everyone has a fantastic week back at work...
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