Friday, November 19, 2010


Another week has come & gone. It was one of those 'weird' weeks where the days seem to last forever, but I always thought I was a day behind, so the week actually went by pretty quickly.  I'm rambling, but I think you know what I mean, right?

Was up early this morning (again! can't seem to sleep in anymore), and decided to go over the budget and pay bills. Blech. Not the most fun start to my day, but as least I've gotten that pesky task out of the way.

I plan on heading over to the local Christmas Craft Fair tomorrow morning.  Would love to get a few new ornaments or trinkets for the tree.  Will bring the kids with me in case they see anything they like.  Afterward, I'll be bringing them to see Santa.  Unfortunately, they're on the naughty list right now (long story!), so I told them this is a good opportunity to explain to him how they've been behaving MUCH better lately at home & daycare, and Memphis would like to ask him for all the stuff he "forgot" to mention on his letter.  Oh boy!  This could be a very long list!  ;)

No other plans... perhaps put up a few decorations?  I can't put too many up before Ruby's birthday party, since our place isn't huge and it would look horrible to have the birthday decorations & Christmas decorations all mixed up together!  But maybe I can get a wreath up or something.  We're going to have Ruby's party on December 5th.  So just over to weeks to wait until we can put up the tree.

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope your day goes by quickly!
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  1. Have a good weekend and maybe i'll see ya the sale tomorrow!


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