Thursday, November 25, 2010

My kidney hates me

For reals.

As many of you know by now, I had a less than stellar weekend (I know it's Thursday and almost 'next weekend' already, but I'm just finding time to jot this all down now).  It actually started off pretty good, aside from a 'sore back' I had been dealing with since earlier in the week.  My sister came over Saturday morning, we headed over to the craft fair, I picked up a few things and then we headed the North Pole (ie. Bryson, QC) to see Santa.  We went to my sister's for lunch and an afternoon visit, and the plan was to head over to my parents place for supper and a sleepover (me, the kids & my niece).
Ruby & Santa (she asked for a Barbie)

Memphis & Santa (he asked for Wolf Mountain)

My sister, Piper & Santa... this was as close as she was getting!
 All afternoon, though, the pain in my back just kept getting worse and worse... I took some aspirin that my sister had and that seemed to help, so I figured I could probably get away with it for another day or two before having to go to the clinic.  

Boy, was I wrong.  I had to wake up my mother at 1am and ask her to take me to the hospital.  The pain was just unbearable and unrelenting.  There wasn't much of a wait and from the symptoms I was describing, the doctor was pretty sure I had a kidney stone.  The lab wasn't open, obviously, since it was the middle of the night.  So he gave me some heavy duty painkillers and said to come back in the morning around 8am.  My mom drove me all the way home and tucked me in for the night.

The painkillers helped me sleep but were hard on my stomach.  Another trip to the ER. After giving a urine sample, getting bloodwork done and having an x-ray I was sent home around noon with a prescription for a kidney infection and some Tylenol 3. 

They might as well have prescribed band-aids and popsicles for all the good it did.  The pain worsened, I was fevered and couldn't stop vomiting (sorry, TMI).  The kids had gone to my mother-in-law's the day before so I could rest... which was a good thing, because JC had to bring me back to the hospital Monday morning around 6am.  They put me in a room right away and gave me a shot of Gravol.  I tried to explain that it was the intense pain that was making me sick to my stomach, but "the doctor wasn't there yet" so they couldn't give me any pain meds until he saw me.  After about an hour & a half, the same doc I had seen the day before came in and started me on IV meds.  Judging from the latest urine sample I gave, I was not responding to the antibiotics since I had actually gotten worse since starting them.  It took them a while, but after I had the CT scan done it was obvious that I did have a kidney stone. A 4mm one that was 'unobstructive'... apparently this was a good thing.  How can something so small be so painful, it was comparable to childbirth... if not worse. I kid you not.  Oh, and also a kidney infection. 2 for 1. Luck me...

They admitted me that afternoon, took good care of me, tried to keep on top of the pain (although the morphine I was getting wasn't quite cutting it - it would take the pain away for a few hours, but wear off before I could get another dose), got me on the right kind of antibiotics to treat the infection and eventually I was well enough to come home on Tuesday afternoon.

My sexy hospital bracelet

My new best friends
 I missed my bed and my kids so much.   I hadn't showered in days... it wasn't pretty.
I'm still not 100%.  The stone has not passed yet, although the pain has subsided.  I'm hoping it has moved down or has broken up and come out unnoticed.  I have had great help from family and aside from a little tenderness and being extremely exhausted, I think I'll survive.
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  1. I feel for ya Lena - well I have never experienced it but Ricky had the same problem last year and it was not pretty - they say guys are worse and they tell them that it's the equivalent to us having babies...and he was agreeing! His was not able to come out on it's own though and he had to be sent to Gatineau twice and get a colonscopy or something (it involved a long thin tube thingy shoved up a tiny hole that we women do not have...haha not an enjoyable feeling) - anyways they did this twice - totally awake and aware and finally decided surgery...actually 2 surgeries...they didn't get it apparently the first time (even though they said they did) so back to Gatineau we went - had to do the thin tube up the pee hole again...then a second surgery...they claim they got it that time too - however, he still gets pain from time to time!
    I sure hope you pass it soon!

  2. Wow Lena! I feel for ya! It's great that you have family that can help with the kids!! Glad you're feeling better!!


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