Sunday, November 28, 2010

(Mis)Adventures in Potty Training

So, I thought Ruby was going to be EASY to potty train.  She showed interest in it the summer before she turned 2.  She would be dry during the night, and pee on the potty in the morning... that went on for about a week.  Then it stopped.  I wasn't going to force it since she was still  young, but the potty has been out since then. 

In the Spring, the daycare & I jumped on board the process and Ruby did really well... We were sure she'd be trained by the end of Summer, if not sooner.  Well, that hasn't been the case.  It seems like we're really stuck at this point.  She still isn't dry throughout the night, which isn't a huge deal for me, and she goes pee in the potty perfectly, even when we're out... the problem is she has MAJOR issues with #2.  It's frustrating because I can see that she's physically uncomfortable.  She tries so hard to hold in her bowel movements that she'll start to go in her panties, panic, we put her on the toilet and then... nothing. Repeat this several times throughout the day, and then she'll probably have a bowel movement in her sleep.  The only time she is comfortable going #2 is when she's unconscious!?

Memphis had some issues with this as well.  Why are my kids so afraid of/to poop?  But he was a bit more consistent, and his ''fear'' didn't last very long. He was fully trained (day & night) before his 3rd birthday.

We've given rewards, praise, promised her anything she wants, and she's still not responding to it.  Every now and then, she'll just run and poop in the potty and I think to myself ''finally, this is it.''  But the next day, it's back to square one.  To be honest, she seems to be pretty grossed out by the whole thing.  Anybody else go through this?  I know it'll happen, probably sooner than I'm thinking at this point, it's just really frustrating right now because I know she can do it.  And I'm sooooo sick of dirty bums!  Haha!  I've been changing diapers for more than 5 years now... I need a break!  ;)
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  1. Gosh Lena I can more than relate! Cohen will be 4 in January and just when I think all is going well it's back to square one here as well!!
    He LOVES to wear underwear but if he gets distracted by, well pretty much anything, he just stands there and pees and/or poops. He will always tell us when he's peed himself but sometimes he will tell us he hasn't pooped when we ask, he must like the warmth?!?
    My biggest problem is that Rob's solution is just to slap another pull up on him, even though I've told him he will never be trained that way.
    Hopefully Ruby's 3rd birthday will bring about total potty training for you!!


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