Saturday, November 6, 2010


As a reward for his good behavior at daycare this week, as promised, Memphis and I went to see the matinee showing of Megamind today.  We both really, really enjoyed it!  It was hilarious (although Memphis had a good time, I think I giggled a bit more than he did), and the soundtrack really rocked!  Bad to the Bone, Highway to Hell, Back in Black, Welcome to the Jungle and Micheal Jackson's BAD were all featured!  Will Ferrell voices the main character and he did an excellent job!  One of his character's quirks is mispronouncing some words by putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable... for example, the city the drama enfolds in is called "Metro City"... which he called "Metrocity" (rhyming with atrocity).... ha!  You'll have to see it!
And better still, Memphis is a pretty cheap date!  He was happy with a bag of Skittles, a handful of Timbits and a few sips of my drink!  We have a great time together, I love having these little "date days" with my boy!
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