Saturday, November 13, 2010


I recently challenged myself to make a list of  
100 Things That Make Me Happy
This is #98 on my 101 List... which I can mark as done!  Yay me!  
Hope you enjoy the list, and make one of your own! 

My family
Coming across a good sale
New shoes
Having an empty ‘inbox’ when I leave work at the end of the day
Finding change in my pocket
A sunny & warm 7-day forecast
A clean house
A kiss from my hubby
A cuddle from my kids
Watching my kids play together
Listening to the rain
Winning a couple bucks on my lottery ticket
My grandma’s fruitcake
Receiving a compliment
A new haircut
A big bowl of popcorn
Seeing a good movie
Going out for breakfast
Witnessing a random act of kindness
A nice, hot bath
A good book
Paying the full balance of a bill
Freshly laundered sheets on the bed
Finding the ‘’perfect’’ present for someone
Funny birthday cards
The smell of freshly cut grass
Taking pictures
Shopping at thrift stores
Bringing home crafts the kids made at daycare
Sleeping in
McDonald’s Hamburger Happy Meals
George Harrison
Talking about baby names
Being able to tell my sister anything
My wedding band
The months of October, November & December
Harmless gossip
Playing ‘Scrabble’
Winning at ‘Scrabble’
Getting comments on my blog
Working close to home
Organizing birthday parties for the kids
Pay day
The look on my niece’s face when she’s excited to see me
That I married a guy who is NOT into sports
That I married a guy who DOESN’T hunt
Getting a new tattoo
Scratching items off my ‘’101 List of Things to do in 1001 Days’’ list
Painting my toenails
Completing a puzzle with Memphis
That I experienced living in Montreal for a few years
Christmas morning
Catching funny things my kids say or do on video
Family dinners at my parents’ place
That my name isn’t overly common
That I grew up in the country
Shopping by myself
Getting flowers
The colors orange, green & purple
A home-cooked meal
Free samples
Disney movies
Memories of my Grandma Mary
Pumpkin pie
Ruby’s big blue eyes
Memphis’ dimples
Being barefoot
When someone else does the dishes
Getting good news
Raising money for a good cause
Scholastic Book orders
My red converse sneakers
Fitting into anything I wore before I got pregnant
Re-organizing a room
Re-decorating a room
Bringing my kids to the library
Looking at old pictures/ through old photo albums
Being bilingual
Completing a page in my scrapbook
Staying in my pj’s all day
Stat holidays
Singing along to the radio 
A hot cup of tea in the morning before anyone else wakes up
Rainbows (they’re like hugs in the sky!)
Dinner invitations
Funny youtube videos
When people follow my advice
Completing a chore I’ve been avoiding or procrastinating about
Making a new friend
People watching
Looking in the mirror, and feeling pretty
Wearing  dresses
Apple crisp
When a stranger holds the door for me
Inside jokes
When it’s time to go home from work
Not having to put any makeup on
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