Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The kids being silly, waiting for the doctor
The kids had their yearly checkups yesterday afternoon, and all is well.  Memphis has finally hit the 40lb mark so we'll be converting his car seat to a booster soon (he's tall, so the 5pt harness is starting to be uncomfortable for him).  He's 3'7" and Ruby is almost 3'2" (she's 33.5 lbs - catching up to 'big' brother!).

Nothing overly exciting to report.  I had a few concerns and the doctor put my mind at ease.  Memphis was so sick last month off & on, but since he's been fine for a couple of weeks the doc figures it was a virus that he had a hard time shaking and that he has a sensitive stomach.  I'm still going to keep an eye on him and if he starts throwing up again anytime soon, I will go for a second opinion!  Ruby's been complaining of sore legs here & there... usually at night.  She'll be fine and all of sudden drop to the floor and start crying that her legs are hurting.  Scary, but a warm bath and some massaging from me make her feel alot better.  We think it's basically 'growing pains.'  And unfortunately there's not much we can about that, other than what I've been doing (warm baths, Tylenol, massage).

We also got our flu shots at the same time.  I went first knowing if I could put on a good show, Ruby wouldn't have any problems letting the doctor near her with the needle.  I was right.  She chose to get it her right arm "just like Mommy."  She let out a little "ow" followed by a nasty look, but that's it.  Memphis chose to get it in his leg. He looked at the doctor and in a very sweet voice just said "Please don't do this to me"... but it was over before he knew it!

Oh - and for anyone with kids... The wait can seem to last forever at these visits, so Memphis brought along his Leapster and it kept both kids occupied most of the time.  A real lifesaver... I love this thing!
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