Monday, October 25, 2010

My 101 List... sorta

So, I started this list in August.  I've only gotten to #32 so far (wow, procrastination at it's best!), but I can at least scratch #1 (get bangs) and #7 (get married) off the list.  I would love to compile a real 101 list, so I need fresh ideas for another 69 before my list is complete! Suggestions welcomed!

1. Get bangs
2. Buy a workout DVD, and use it!
3. Buy a house
4. Go on a date night with JC , at least once a month
5. Write a note to each of my kids, seal it & wait for the right moment to give it to them when they’re older
6. Spend 1 day talking about myself in the third person
7. Get married
8. Ride a roller coaster
9. Spend a day with just my dad
10. Plan a surprise party for... someone!
11. Invest in a digital photography course
12. Pay off all my credit cards
13. Enter contest & giveaways as much as possible
14. Blog more
15. Get my passport
16. Go shopping in New York
17. Learn how to do a french braid
18. Have a family portrait taken
19. Spend more than $12 on a pair of sunglasses
20. Go fishing
21. Go a week without Facebook
22. Buy a cell phone
23. Go for coffee with an old friend
24. Bring Ruby to the movies for the first time
25. Spend a full day in bed watching old movies
26. Write a short story
27. Build a snow fort with my kids
28. Bake a cake, from scratch
29. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle
30. Get a dog
31. Learn to knit
32. Convince my mom to get a tattoo
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