Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My 101 List, finally!

1. Get bangs
2. Buy a workout DVD, and use it!
3. Buy a house
4. Go on a date night with JC , at least once a month
5. Write a note to each of my kids, seal it & wait for the right moment to give it to them when they’re older
6. Spend 1 day talking about myself in the third person
7. Get married
8. Ride a roller coaster
9. Spend a day with just my dad
10. Plan a surprise party for... someone!
11. Invest in a digital photography course
12. Pay off all my credit cards
13. Enter contests & giveaways as much as possible
14. Blog more
15. Get my passport
16. Go shopping in New York
17. Learn how to do a french braid
18. Have a family portrait taken
19. Spend more than $12 on a pair of sunglasses
20. Go fishing
21. Go a week without Facebook
22. Buy a cell phone
23. Go for coffee with an old friend
24. Bring Ruby to the movies for the first time
25. Spend a full day in bed watching old movies
26. Write a short story
27. Build a snow fort with my kids
28. Bake a cake, from scratch
29. Complete a 1000-piece puzzle
30. Get a dog
31. Learn to knit
32. Convince my mom to get a tattoo
33. Make the kids their Halloween costumes instead of buying them
34. Bring Memphis to a museum for the first time
35. Stop biting my nails
36. Try a food I’ve never tried before
37. Get drunk
38. Read at least 1 book every month
39. Get a laptop
40. Get my picture taken with someone famous
41. Send friends and family a REAL card on their birthdays
42. Re-organize my filing cabinet/paper work
43. Lose 20 lbs
44. Go on a trip with my sister
45. Take the kids on a train
46. Buy a bike, and use it
47. Host some sort of party at my place (Fantasia, Epicure, Partylite...)
48. Write my will
49. Karaoke!
50. Surprise co-workers with fresh coffee & donuts
51. At Christmas, donate a toy to a child on the local ‘Angel Tree’
52. Go see an IMAX movie
53. Find out my blood type
54. Donate blood
55. Go horseback riding
56. Spend an afternoon at a spa
57. Convince JC to watch E.T.
58. Get Ruby a pet – Fish
59. Get Memphis a pet – Hamster
60. Read the newspaper more – at least every Saturday
61. Go camping
62. Dress up for Halloween
63. Start Christmas shopping in January
64. Decorate someone’s birthday cake
65. Get another piercing
66. Wear more accessories
67. Wear a watch
68. Go a week without checking celebrity gossip sites and/or magazines
69. Go a week without snacking after supper
70. Rent a cottage or cabin for a weekend getaway
71. Get my picture in the local newspaper : ‘’The Equity’’
72. Go on a field trip with the kids at daycare
73. Make a New Year’s resolution and stick to it
74. Be in a parade
75. Buy a lottery ticket every week
76. Buy something ‘as seen on tv’
77. Learn a poem by heart
78. Walk to work every day for a week
79. Tie-dye shirts with the kids
80. Start collecting something
81. Use at least 1 coupon every time I do groceries
82. BBQ something all by myself
83. Convince 1 other person to make their own 101 list
84. Have a yard sale
85. Get personalized labels made for the kids
86. Have Memphis & Ruby memorize our phone number and complete address
87. Make a diaper cake for the next baby shower I’m invited to
88. Make Ruby a pillowcase dress
89. Go to a psychic
90. Send a secret to ‘Post Secret’
91. Figure out how to curl my own hair
92. Install a printer on our home computer
93. Spend a girls’ day with my niece, Piper
94. Bring my mom out for dinner & a movie
95. See another musical
96. Find the right shade of red lipstick
97. Make a new friend
98. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy
99. Attend the midnight premiere of a movie
100. Buy a new car
101. Make a wish at 11:11 on November 11, 2011
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