Monday, July 13, 2009

On the road again...

Memphis that is!
This time he's off to Montreal with his Uncle Luc. Lucky kid!
Luc has been ''bugging'' us for a while to let him take Memphis on a vacation... being that he's only 3.5 years old, I told him that crossing the border without us would be out of the question... so he settled for a few days in the big city of MTL!
They left yesterday afternoon, and JC & were almost in tears... Memphis was like ''geez, goodbye already!'' Ha! Such a big boy. They hit a little snag about an hour out of Montreal when they stop at a rest place to let the dog have a run. Luc turned his back for second, and Memphis managed to fall off something and into a huge pile of mud! Welcome to our world, Uncle Luc! He undressed him and used a bottle of Evian water to clean him up as best he could. Wish I would have been there to see that!
We spoke to them this morning, and he's doing fine (much better than us!). They're planning a day of shopping and sightseeing today and are off to the BioDome tomorrow!
Although I miss him, I'm happy he's off having a little adventure!
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