Friday, May 8, 2009

Funny Memphis Story

This is one that I'm sure Memphis will not want me to share with his future girlfriends, but it's definitely one for the books!
After picking the kids up from daycare yesterday, JC made ''breakfast'' for supper:
Sausage, eggs, hash browns, etc.
As usual, Memphis was analyzing his plate and asked if the sausages were ''weiners.'' I said, ''yes, they look like hot-dog weiners, but they're called sausages.'' His reply: ''weiners are penises.''
I wasn't sure exactly what I should say, but decided to follow up with ''well, some people call their penis a weiner, but THESE are SAUSAGES.'' He just looked at his plate again and said ''yep, we're eating penises....''
Funny to us, but not funny if he starts telling people he ate ''penis'' for supper... 'sigh'
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